In a vibrant vase on Monday

For more years (decades even) than I now care to remember I lived in a house with a hot, dry front garden. I’ve always loved colour and flowers so used to bed it out, changing the planting at least twice a year. Winter and spring always included tulips, usually in rich and vibrant colour combinations. To complement the tulips wallflowers also usually featured. I’ve always loved the fragrance of wallflowers.

Our road was on the way to the town centre and the railway station for many, and we knew (because they told us) that the front garden gave pleasure to passing strangers. Our Sussex front garden also abuts a regularly used route, a footpath, with a high hedge on the other side, mainly of native species dominated by field maple, dividing us from school playing fields (and the 6th form car park). We rarely use our front door yet we continue the tradition of bedding it out regularly to create colour and interest.

Today I’ve picked a single dark tulip, virtually the only one left that isn’t going over. The ground is so dry and we rarely water (at least in the front). Two different colours of wallflowers have brought their beautiful scent into the house. And to finish off I’ve added a few stems of heuchera.

I hope you enjoy this week’s offering.

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