In a vase on Monday

i hope I’m not committing a dreadful faux pas with this post.

Karen Gimson at The Bramble Garden, a blog I follow, posts #IAVOM, a record of a vase of flowers, each week. I like the idea and have decided to try and do the same (assuming – and hoping – I’m not called to task for plagiarism). I hope it’s a social media movement I’m joining and not Karen’s personal theme that I’m hijacking.

Hopefully someone will put me straight if needs be.

Here is my Monday vase for this week.


Frankly it’s not particularly interesting, consisting only of some supermarket tulips and four stems of pittosporum from the tiny Sussex garden. But it’s a start and I rather like the black stems of the foliage. Here’s a close up of the flowers.


In my defence I was on a cross channel ferry all last night, arriving at Portsmouth at dawn.

I’ll tell you about my recent trip to the French house next time I post.


Edit: I’ve discovered I’ve not committed a faux pas, but have joined a community! I still don’t fully understand the concept of memes or hosting memes, but gather I must (and am happy to) acknowledge Cathy at who is the host of the #IAVOM meme.

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