Trees: a decision has been made on the future of the poplars

After many emails back and forth, meetings at the house, and several other site visits by the tree surgeon and his associates who have also had meetings, phone calls, and exchanged emails with various people and departments at ERDF the decision has been made.

30 poplars will be felled and removed from site, with all roots being either dug or ground out (depending on location). Some chipped material will be left on site for us to use in due course for mulching and/or creating paths in the short term. Heavy machinery will be involved, ERDF will be switching off the mains electricity for a period of time, and the work is likely to take about three weeks starting in the latter half of September.

The “shaving brush” pollarded lime will also go, and one or two other trees will receive minor adjustments to keep their growth away from telephone and mains electricity cables.

This work represents a major financial investment for us, but it is an investment in safety as well as providing us with the blank canvass we need to enable new plantings to be carried out. After the very careful preparatory planning work our tree surgeons have done we are confident that we have engaged the right people to carry out the job carefully and safely.

I’d better make sure I take some before and after photos!


2 thoughts on “Trees: a decision has been made on the future of the poplars

  1. Gosh sounds a big job. Didn’t realise you had 30 poplars. I do like these trees but they mustn’t touch the electricity lines. We have had some cut down, so I believe, in our absence. Wondering what will be left😬


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