In a vase on Monday

One of the first things I used to do on arrival at the house was to go into the garden and pick a few stems to put into a vase; to bring the outside in.

I’ve got rather out of the habit of doing that since I became resident. Its about time that changed.

The weather at the moment is challenging. Aquitaine (land of water) is living up to its name. Winds are high and rain is constant. Everywhere is completely saturated. Walking on the garden is to be avoided as every step becomes a squelch leaving marks behind. Many streams and rivers are overflowing their banks and there is flooding nearby.

However yesterday I decided to brave the conditions and pick a few stems, half for me to put in a small vase on the dining table and half for local friends who had kindly invited me to lunch the first day after R had left to return to the UK. Limited mixing in homes is currently still allowed in France. I’m so grateful for the kindness which is being shown by so many to us both.

This arrangement isn’t going to win any prizes for flower arranging. But it pleases me and I hope you like it too.

Bamboo, rosemary, cornus (three different kinds), lonicera frangrantissima (shrubby honeysuckle), and three narcissi

Here’s a closeup

And going in closer to the narcissi

The weather may be challenging, the times we live in uncertain and frightening, but the signs of spring are unmistakeable. Stay safe, warm, and dry wherever you are.

7 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday

  1. I try and have flowers in the house every week. Sadly not from the garden here in London as there is nothing to pick.

    Georgie taught me to pick everything and some rosemary and herbs in a vase goes well with the flowers. All the twiggery she says.


  2. Hi Sharon,
    Good to see your flower arrangement, so pleased to hear that you have settled in to becoming a full time resident !

    Yes the blue in France can be wonderful, you come back into your house 6 inches taller.


    Kind regards


  3. Lovely Sharon. Love “Bringing the outside in ” sentiments. I joined Instagram so that I could follow you and found many friends and aquaintances on there already. However I have not got a clue as to access it to watch other people or put anything on it myself.


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