A winter walk at Wakehurst Place

For a number of reasons spirits have been sinking lower and lower. A voluntary task was becoming a seriously unsustainable burden. Work was ramping up in pressure (albeit exactly as expected as moving into a busy time). An unforeseeable crisis caused stress and heartache which isn’t going to go away. Capacity was at full stretch, I’d worked all through last weekend and many evenings over … Continue reading A winter walk at Wakehurst Place

The Immortal Yew by Tony Hall

I rarely win prizes, possibly because I rarely enter competitions. Recently I made a comment on Karen Gimson’s Bramble Garden Blog (one of a few I follow) in response to her post reviewing Tony Hall’s book The Immortal Yew, (recently published by Kew). I’d seen the book reviewed elsewhere and had already determined to buy myself a copy and told Karen so in my comment. Karen … Continue reading The Immortal Yew by Tony Hall